Abdo electrostimulation: effective for losing belly or not?

Is electrostimulation effective for the abs? If you still have doubts about this, know that the answer is YES! It does not replace sport, but improves and accelerates the results of your workouts and your diet. Abdominal electrostimulation will help you get the chocolate bars you’re looking for much faster if you combine it with your sports or slimming program. Discover an unparalleled bodybuilding method.

What is abdo electrostimulation?

By reducing the tendon constraints as much as possible, you can, thanks to abdo electrostimulation, perform impressive and very efficient muscle work. You can also relieve your muscle pain , cramps and aches. Mainly used to accelerate recovery, this technique can also complement a program for a beginner in bodybuilding. It aims in this kind of situation, to tone the muscles. If you want to counter the muscle wasting following a prolonged stoppage due to an injury, an electrostimulator is also very effective.

How does abdo electrostimulation work?

Abdo electrostimulation Tens of years ago, piles of sensors had to be stuck on the thighs and on the belly to perform electrostimulation. Today, with technological advances, we are dealing with a much more simplified and more effective practice with revolutionary devices. Indeed, for abdo electrostimulation today, there is the electrode system with Bluetooth and the belts that can be attached to the waist with several options such as discharge regulation, touch screen, etc. No more bulky items with wires on the body. As a reminder, the abdominal electrostimulator is mainly used to train and strengthen muscle mass in the abdominals. For this, the device has 3 electrodes to be attached directly to the skin to send small electrical discharges into the muscles of the body. These stimulations will accelerate the muscular strengthening of the belly. The goal of electrostimulation is to reproduce the process of a voluntary muscle contraction during which the brain transmits information to the muscle that we want to contract via the motor nerve. Thus, a suitable electric current sends electrical impulses directly to the nerve to encourage it to reproduce the natural physiological phenomenon. During an abdo electrostimulation, you can choose the intensity of work of your choice with the belt. Of course, the speed of the results depends on the intensity of the exercises, but it is recommended to go step by step for the preservation of your body. The latter must adapt gradually to this method.

Is abdo electrostimulation really effective?

Abdo Efficient Electrostimulation? Abdo electrostimulation serves the purpose of causing the appearance and solidification of the abdominals. It also has the role of helping to obtain a flat stomach.It does not allow weight loss, because the electrostimulator does not require any caloric effort from its user. While without effort there is no fatigue and without fatigue it is simply impossible to remove fat from the body. Indeed, the muscles are stimulated during the practice, but not the fats. This is why, experts recommend combining the use of the device with one or more workouts followed by a better diet. Thus, abdominal and subcutaneous fat will gradually disappear. In conclusion, if you want to gain muscle and have a flat stomach, abdo electrostimulation is the practice par excellence to bring you a fast and reliable result. With the device, you will also overcome aches due to physical exertion. Better still, it is suitable for muscle rehabilitation after an accident or a health problem that prevents you from practicing an intensive sport. The electro-stimulator is therefore a very effective device in its field, because as regards the functions which it fulfills, it has already proven itself with several users.

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