What is an anti cellulite massager and which one to choose?

Do you have skin problems? Does it look abnormal? It may be cellulite. To find out, a specialist’s opinion would be a good idea. However, if it is a cellulite, know that there are many treatments to overcome it, some are more effective than others. This is the case of a anti cellulite massager which also plays the role of slimming. Indeed, whatever the product used, for it to be effective, it must be combined with a good anti-cellulite massage. In this article, it will be about you: define cellulite, offer our top 5 anti cellulite massagers and say how to choose your anti cellulite massager.

Cellulite: what is it exactly?

It is an infectious disease of the skin, which causes inflammation of fats in the inside the body. It is much more common in women than in men and we often talk about cellulite in the stomach, buttocks, hip, thighs and knee. anti cellulite massager The disease is also known by the names orange peel, capiton and superficial lipodystrophy. Its causes are multiple, we can cite among others: bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, healthy living or even hormones.

Our Top 5 anti cellulite massage devices

#1 Ardes ARD M240 4 in 1

This professional quality massage device plays the role of anti cellulite allowing you to lose weight quickly . Indeed, this anti cellulite massager is equipped with 4 massage heads that you can interchange to fight against the Capiton, each of them has its usefulness. One allows a massage against the physical side of cellulite (orange peel), the other offers a massage to fight against the evil in depth, the penultimate allows to lose weight quickly and finally the last grants a relaxing and peaceful massage.

Thanks to the instructions, you will know which of the heads corresponds to each of your needs. Regarding massage areas, know that it works on the whole body, from the neck to the ankles, and you will only have to use it for ten minutes a day. In addition, the massage device is simple to use, has a quickly visible effect and requires almost no maintenance. In addition, it has an infrared lamp which emits a pleasant heat at the level of the dermis and the hypodermis.

#2 SOLAC-105803-ME7711

The Solac ME7711 anti-cellulite massager is made up of 6 interchangeable tips, it effectively combats cellulite and promotes better blood circulation. The device can be used for treatment of the legs, buttocks, arms and stomach.

Thus, thanks to its pneumatic pressure system, eccentric circular massage and infrared heat, it fights the dimpling deep within the body, promotes muscle relaxation and good blood circulation. In addition, SOLAC ME7711 is also effective for the treatment of orange peel skin. Indeed, it treats the accumulation of fat and water retention, which causes the physical disappearance of cellulite and its daily use does not exceed 10 to 15 min per day.

#3 My Body Shaper

Entry level anti cellulite massager, it is manual, which favors its use everywhere even during a trip or in the shower. Indeed, it has 72 pressure points whose application promotes drainage, effectively treats orange peel, decreases muscle tension, helps relaxation, but also increases the firmness of the skin. In addition, it allows you to lose weight quickly and is very easy to handle because of its weight and size. However, it should only be used up to 15 min per day.

#4 Vibraluxe Pro

As the name suggests, VIBRALUXE PRO acts by vibration, but also by rotation. It is a mid-range slimming device that consists of six interchangeable massage heads, 200 ml of active turbo slimming gel and a complete user manual. This device has relaxing, anti-stressing, toning and firming effects on the buttocks, stomach, thighs, hips and arms, in addition, it makes it possible to slim down quickly.

In addition, it is provided with a protective net which is placed on the various heads and which allows the softening of the massage. In addition, you can thanks to one of its heads file the calluses of your feet, it is the file head. It is a vibrator that offers a very effective anti-cellulite massage, the use of which is between 20 and 30 min every 2 days. It should be noted that it is also possible to adjust its intensity level.

#5 LPG Wellbox S

This is not only an anti cellulite device, but also an excellent anti wrinkle device. It tends towards the high end, but turns out to be a very good solution in the fight against cellulite. The Wellbox S has an LCD screen, many accessories, but also a user manual. This massage device has 5 interchangeable massage heads which have been developed to initially thin the body and face and then to act intensely on the skin.

This stimulates the cells that regulate the storage of fat in our body, the adipocytes. You will observe after some time of use, a refined silhouette, a regression of the orange peel, a flatter belly, a more radiant complexion and a disappearance of your wrinkles. It is important to note that this anti cellulite massager is as effective on the skin as on the face. Let’s also add that a Wellbox S treatment lasts 6 minutes. Note that all slimming devices enhance the effects of anti cellulite creams by promoting their penetration into the inner layers of the skin.

Why buy an anti cellulite massager?

The anti cellulite massager corrects skin imperfections. Unlike massages in spas or other beauty salons, an anti cellulite massage device is tireless, it allows you to choose your intensity of action and better performs the movements of the traditional palpate-roll. In addition, some of these slimming machines are equipped with infrared technology, which results in better fat elimination. In addition, they can be used at home at any time of the day and are easy to handle.

How to choose your anti cellulite massager?

You are aware that several slimming devices exist on the market, however to choose your anti cellulite massager, you must take into account certain criteria including the type of cellulite you have, the goal you want to achieve and obviously your budget.

Choose your massager according to the type of cellulite

There are 3 different types of cellulite, adipose, aqueous and fibrous. Fat cellulite is mainly due to a lack of physical exercise and poor food hygiene. It is remarkable under the pressure of a pinch and to treat it, vibrating devices like the VIBROLUX PRO are the most suitable. In addition, we must add a good nutritional balance and sport.

As for aqueous cellulite, it is the result of poor elimination of toxins and fats. Infrared devices like the SOLAC-105803-ME7711, are ideal for combating. As for fibrous cellulite, it is the most painful and is caused by aging of the connective tissues and the accumulation of fat in the body. The orange peel appearance is clearly visible, and to make it disappear, opt for an anti cellulite massager like the MY BODY-SHAPER, equipped with palpate-roll technology.

Choose your massager according to the objective to be achieved

Apart from the fact of fighting against cellulite, it should not be forgotten that certain slimming devices are also anti-stressors or anti wrinkles. Indeed, the good would be the one that will meet your goal. For example, a vibrating machine like the LPG Well Box S removes fat by building muscle while a mechanical device like the My Body Shaper sculpts the silhouette better. Many may find infrared devices more pleasant to use for the warm feeling they provide.

Choose your massager according to the budget

Most anti cellulite massagers are of medium range, however the price may vary depending on the model, brand and functionality. You can take advantage of our comparison and our top 5 that we offer to buy a cheap and effective anti cellulite massager . These are the best on the market today. Note that an unbranded anti cellulite massager from Asia is to be avoided, whether it is cheaper or not.

Selection of the best promotions on anti cellulite masseurs

Opinions on anti cellulite masseurs

On the web, customers have shared their opinions after buying and using masseurs anti cellulite. These reviews are by far positive, as these users have only benefited from them. Indeed, they were able to eliminate their cellulite, lose weight quickly, make their wrinkles disappear and recover a radiant beauty from head to toe.

In fact, when you choose your slimming device and follow the user manual to the letter, you can only be satisfied. Consistency of use should also be observed for best results. Now you know everything you need about anti cellulite massagers . All you have to do is order yours to get back in good shape and get rid of cellulite.

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