ILoveSIA latex corset – Sexy bustier waist

Buying a good slimming corset is not obvious for all the products available on the market. Despite this multitude of slimming corsets , there are some that stand out for their quality, beauty and comfort. This is the case of the latex corset iLoveSIA bustier waist cincher. ilovesia-corset

What it must know about the latex corset iLoveSIA

This model of iLoveSIA has a core made of 100% latex, which allows it to grant flexibility to the body without risk of rupture. With its lining made of 96% cotton and 4% spandex, this slimming corset takes care of your body without damaging it or creating irritation or hives. In addition to the class and beauty it offers, this model of slimming corset correctly holds the belly and helps to really burn excess fat and refine the body. As it is a bustier, you are free to choose the underwear you want. Available in three colors namely blue, pink and purple, the Latex iLoveSIA corset is the number 1 this year on Amazon.

A little tip

To facilitate the wearing of this slimming corset, you must fix the loops below the tops. For maintenance, the iLoveSIA latex corset can only be washed by hand to maintain its flexibility and delicacy.

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