When technology helps us lose weight

Technology has always been a major ally in making life easier for people. It also intervenes in almost all areas. For some time, she has developed several processes to allow to (re) shape the silhouette… Besides, we were talking a few years ago about the advantages of the flat stomach sheath. Are there other solutions for weight loss today? Lose weight


Ultrashape is a process that uses high-frequency ultrasound to selectively destroy fat cells. This system therefore targets well-targeted fatty overloads. However, compared to liposuction, it gives less satisfactory results. For a cost of between 800 and 1000 euros per session, only a doctor is authorized to carry it out.


Lipocryotherapy uses cold to fight fat. This technology makes it possible to selectively reduce the fatty deposits located in our cells. Cold actually has an effect on the saturated fatty acids that are sensitive to it. The fat cells then degrade in a natural way without damaging the tissues. Lose weight

Substitution of rolled palpation

Rolled palpation is an effective and proven method to fight cellulite and orange peel. A machine can now imitate this type of massage in order to get rid of them and dislodge those unsightly fatty deposits that ruin our lives. Icing on the cake, instead of torturing us, this scheme is as draining as it is soothing. The principle of this method is that it encourages the formation of galvanic currents which then act on fats. These are then eliminated. The gel used during the sessions also has active ingredients which strengthen the process. 3 treatments per week for 4 weeks are advised to have tangible results. The session is around 59 euros. Lose weight

Adipocytolise laser

La method using the adipocytolise laser is the most radical. Indeed, only one session is necessary to say goodbye to his fat. The process consists in introducing under the skin, a cannula which shelters a laser fiber. It is he who acts by sweeping the subcutaneous tissue. The session lasts one hour and thirty minutes and you will pay around 1,500 euros.

The connected scale

The connected scale unlike other technologies does not act directly on the body. On the other hand, it constitutes a precious support to obtain a harmonious silhouette. The other scales only provide one indicator: your overall weight. The connected scale gives you more details. Much more even, since it shows 17 precise measurements concerning your body. These are indicators of visceral, body and subcutaneous fat, bone mass, protein, etc. You will therefore know exactly how to proceed and where to act to reach your ideal.

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